Sacred Space(s) What are they?

Meditation in my Sacred Spot

Ok What exactly is a Sacred Space? Sacred Space for me and my spiritual journey it is somewhere and something that I use to connect with the divine. As you see from the above photo this is one of my sacred spots ( it is at my In laws Farm) but they can also be spaces in your home that help you feel at peace and calm and happy and bring you joy.

I happen to have quite a few spaces thru out my home that I consider “sacred” or spaces in my home that bring me great joy. I have several ” altars” or places that I use to connect with the divine and that make me extremely happy and at peace. I have my main working altar right next to my desk, and on my desk I have a Tranquilty Altar that I use to meditate or use it as a focal point when I am having a bad day and need to refocus or reconnect and ground and get some answers.

I also have an Herbal Apothocary that I use to make potions, spells, mojo bags, tinctures, ect anything Magickal which is also a way for me to connect with divine as well.

But we also just have some spaces in our home that I personally consider sacred, we have a family picture table, my husband created a wedding shelf in our bedroom that has  our cake toppers, my bouqet, our sand jar, some of the ivy that we used, a gorgeous glass bowl that our brother in law made, ect and it has a photo of my husband and I, his parents on their wedding day and my parents on their wedding day. But what a wonderful gift and memory for us to have and remember.

I also find our kitchen table is sacred because it is where we gather as a family at meal time to discuss and relive our day, my children do their homework at this table so it has memories of watching them grow in their education, we have family game nights here, we bake,  I use it to work on my Book of Shadows….

So you see, Sacred Space is just what YOU make it! It can be simple or elaborate or you can look at a spacein your home with new eyes and see that magick that it has within your own family!

Blessed Be!


Christmas or Yule?

In the last several weeks I have been asked as a pagan do I celebrate Yule or Christmas….my answer? Well Why not BOTH?!

Yes I am a Pagan and Yes I do celebrate the Pagan Wheel of the Year but I am also a Christopagan and I was raised in a Christian household and we celebrated Christmas and Yule and it was AWESOME.  Yule typically falls on or around Dec 21 and it is usually celebrated for 3 days and then comes Christmas Eve and Christmas Day so it is like a week long party , lol.

For me it honestly isn’t about which holiday and or why we celebrate one vs the other one, to me it is about FAMILY, FUN, TRADITIONS, and spreading the love, magickally or mundane.

My family growing up as well as my family now do things like exchange gifts,  we sometimes go door to door singing Christmas Carols,share a special meal, or if we can we TRY to volunteer, we make cookies, we play in the snow, go sledding or ice skating, play board games, decorate the Yule/ Christmas tree, watch movies, ect and it is special to me because I get to use the traditions I grew up with and see the magick in my children’s eyes as they see the wonder of the season and learn how magickal as well as important the season is.

This year my family decided that because of the state of the world we will volunteer at a shelter or church or even help out several young new parents with things their new children may need.

I hope you all find the blessings and magick of the season even in the smallest gesture and I pray it brings you a smile of joy! Merry Christmas and a Happy and Blessed Yule to each and every one of you.

Yule Altar 2015

Children Will Listen

As you all know I come from a Theatrical backround so music and musicals were the norm in my home growing up.

ALOT of my fave musicals have songs or lyrics in them that have become part of my life and soul so to speak, they speak to me on a very deep level and some of those songs have become part of my parenting skills or lessons I teach my children. Silly right? HMMM not really if you delve deep enough and really look at the message these silly songs or musicals are really teaching.

I have come to realize that these words are also not just for children but everyone. I would like to think and say that I am a very giving person, but that is also a double edged sword, I am very open and honest about my life and my craft, I see no reason to hide Anything about who I am. But I have also come under ALOT of judgement, concern and hatred. Do I care? Well in all honesty YES I do, did it break me? For a time, YES it did, Did I listen to my family , friends and peers when they told me to be careful…NO , and I got burned.  The lesson I learned and this is never an easy lesson and it is a lesson that I will probably time and time again have to learn over and over again is WHO YOUR REAL TRUE FRIENDS ARE….It NEVER gets easier. It is also a lesson the we are taught as children and it is never easy to learn it ,especially seeing your own children struggle and knowing there is nothing you can do or say to help them learn this extremely difficult and painful life lesson.

Drama and Negativity SUCK! Unfortunatly they are a part of everyday life and it isn’t as cut and dry and simple as ” just hold your head high and walk away” or on the internet ” just block and delete and move on”  this is much easier said than done simply because the words have already done their damage. They have planted their seeds of doubt, mistrust, fear….

I am blessed with an amazing online ( FB, YouTube, ect) support system as well as in my real life., I am so honored to call these people my family. The thing I love is that they will ALWAYS keep it real, when I am an idiot they tell me. When I don’t listen they have no sympathy, they are honest, I may not like it at the time but they are right.

I can ONLY hope that I am as good of a friend to anyone and everyone who needs me to hold their hand as I have been blessed to have.

I hope my silly ramblings helped someone to realize you are never alone and if you feel you are just reach out and say ” Hey I am struggling, I could use a friend”


Introduction Blog

Merry Meet!!! My name is Derrie P. Carpenter I am a woman, daughter, wife, mother, friend, sister and witch.
I have been on my spiritual journey for 29 yrs now. I am a 44 yr old stay at home mom to my 7 kids ( 4 of my own, Lora 19, Jake 16, Ethan 12, and Tj  5  and 3 of my kids friends who have lived here on and off thru the last couple of years, LOL) and and blissfully married to my husband of 3 yrs Steve
The title I was gifted from my teachers is rather long but no worries I will explain it. I am a Solitary, Eclectic, Bohemian, Rainbow, Mystical Witch. I follow several different paths, Paganism, Christianity, Buddhism and Draconic Magick. ( ECLECTIC)
I am a Libra and an Air sign. Dragonflies and Peacocks are my totem/spirit animals, I have a Dragon Guardian who has been with me since I came to this journey at 14. I speak to the Fae ( Fairies). I am a bit of a hippy, ( BOHEMIAN)
I love everyone and judge no one and yes I wear alot of black but I LOVE colors and color therapy and Reiki and chakras and the vibrations of color and sounds As Rainbow Witch my path is very eclectic, but I also have a deep connection to and love of colour and it’s part in life, in nature and it’s healing properties. I am a very “colourful” person when you get to know me.(RAINBOW)
I was raised in the church and there are somethings from that I still hold dear so I follow the blended path of Christopaganism and i also am delving into Buddhism ( MYSTICAL) and yes I do practice witchcraft, i do hold monthly moon rituals as well as celebrate the Sabbats.

I was born and raised in the theater, I come from a long line of Theater folks, My Granny was a Costume Designer and Drama Professor, My Mother was a Lighting Designer, Set Designer, Director, Actress, My Father was a Makeup Artist, Set Designer, Director and Actor and I am a Techie, Director and Actress.

Please feel free to ask any questions and let me know what you want me to write about! xoxo Derrie

Derrie Witch