Choosing Happiness over Drama

I have come to realize in the last several weeks that I kind of like this being a Grown up and choosing Happiness.

There will ALWAYS and forever be drama in our lives, our worlds, via friends, family, the internet, the music we listen too, the books we read, ect…BUT we have a CHOICE on how we choose to handle that “drama”

We can stop spending time with our friends and family, stop reading, stop listening to music, turn off the TV, not use our electronic devices ect which personally in some respects i think is the way to go but in all honestly is that going to become a reality? HELL NO at least not anytime soon.

NEVER ever forget YOU ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE in how you choose to handle the drama in your day to day life,  I used to be one that would jump up and rant and rave and scream and yell until I made my personal point which usually and sometimes still does inevetably cause more drama and havoc. I don’t want to be that person anymore, I am a mom to 4 kids I have enough to deal with in my day to day life with their drama lol, I do not want or need more in my life.

I recently came under some pretty nasty drama online, did I get mad HELL YES, did I rant and rave, yes I did, did it cause more harm and drama , yeppers it sure did. BUT in the midst of all of it I had a MASSIVE wave of love and support that truly overcame the hate and drama and that is where I am CHOOSING to stay.

I am choosing to stay in that bubble of happiness and use my advice, my spiritual journey, my life choices et from now on to spread love, support, growth and happiness to others, and if I can reach just 1 person and make a simple difference in their lives be it a smile, a kind word, a funny meme, a hug, whatever THEN I DID MY JOB, because I know how it feels to be lost, confused, scared, alone but I also know how it feels to be loved, supported, lifted up , and made happy and it truly is a wonderouse and magickal place to be!

If you want help, advice , support all you need to do is REACH OUT, I will help catch you.



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