I want to thank you to each and everyone of you that participated in the #pinkshirtday or #pinkitforward for me or for whomever you chose to do it for, it really is a great way to raise awarness about Bullying and that it in any form is NEVER ok.

There has been some drama surrounding this in my life of late and I am here to acknowledge it and this will be the last time I am acknowledging the negative, I am choosing to move forward in LOVE AND LIGHT and KINDNESS.
First off let me say I AM TRULY AND HONESTLY VERY VERY SORRY FOR any and all pain and suffering I have cause anyone in the Pagan and Witchy Community, can I go back and fix it now? No but what I can do is choose to say I am sorry and move forward, will it fix this damage, probably not but at least I can say I did try . I AM NOT IN ANY WAY BLAMELESS in all of this drama and whatever, YES I absolutly have thrown shade, talked shit and ” bullied” people but I am human, does that excuse it and make it right? NO not in any way, BUT for me it was 6 months to a year ago and that was a VERY dark time and YES I acknowledge it, YES I admit it and YES I own my shit, am I proud that I sunk to that level to make my self feel better? NO NOT AT ALL, but for me personally THE PAST IS IN THE PAST, and that is where I am choosing to leave it. Am I here to ” impress” anyone? Hell no, I am here to do me, and that is it.
Have I learned from my mistakes, I THNK I have, will I continue to make mistakes in the future, of course it is part of human nature but I can say very strongly that I have a choice of who I choose to be an active, kind and supportive presence in my life and who I choose to let go of. I CHOOSE to leave the drama and He said She Said bullshit in the past and Learn and Grow as a woman, wife, daughter, witch and mother.
We as human’s don’t do alot of THINKING before we SPEAK it is very easy to let our emotions take over and then when they do we have to live with the consquences of our own emotional choices, as a very dear friend of mine says all the time, WORDS HAVE POWER and that is very very true, seriously let that phrase sink in for a minute… There are several cute memes all over the internet now and yes they are cute, fun, meainingful ect but if you REALLY REALLY look and THINk about the words they are saying they really are pretty powerful. There are several things that can NOT be taken back once they are out in the universe and that if you really think about it is a bitter pill to swallow…THE STONE AFTER IT IS THROWN, THE WORD AFTER IT IS SAID, THE ACTION AFTER IT IS DONE, AND TIME AFTER IT HAS PASSED.
I am going to make a conscious effort to really THINK before I speak from this point forward… it TRUE, is it HELPFUL, is it INSPIRING, is it NECESSARY and is it KIND….
Love, Light and Healing to all in the community that I have ” wronged” I AM TRULY SORRY I hope that from this point forward we can all move forward and leave the past in the past.

Nameste and Blessed Be



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