Sacred Space(s) What are they?

Meditation in my Sacred Spot

Ok What exactly is a Sacred Space? Sacred Space for me and my spiritual journey it is somewhere and something that I use to connect with the divine. As you see from the above photo this is one of my sacred spots ( it is at my In laws Farm) but they can also be spaces in your home that help you feel at peace and calm and happy and bring you joy.

I happen to have quite a few spaces thru out my home that I consider “sacred” or spaces in my home that bring me great joy. I have several ” altars” or places that I use to connect with the divine and that make me extremely happy and at peace. I have my main working altar right next to my desk, and on my desk I have a Tranquilty Altar that I use to meditate or use it as a focal point when I am having a bad day and need to refocus or reconnect and ground and get some answers.

I also have an Herbal Apothocary that I use to make potions, spells, mojo bags, tinctures, ect anything Magickal which is also a way for me to connect with divine as well.

But we also just have some spaces in our home that I personally consider sacred, we have a family picture table, my husband created a wedding shelf in our bedroom that has  our cake toppers, my bouqet, our sand jar, some of the ivy that we used, a gorgeous glass bowl that our brother in law made, ect and it has a photo of my husband and I, his parents on their wedding day and my parents on their wedding day. But what a wonderful gift and memory for us to have and remember.

I also find our kitchen table is sacred because it is where we gather as a family at meal time to discuss and relive our day, my children do their homework at this table so it has memories of watching them grow in their education, we have family game nights here, we bake,  I use it to work on my Book of Shadows….

So you see, Sacred Space is just what YOU make it! It can be simple or elaborate or you can look at a spacein your home with new eyes and see that magick that it has within your own family!

Blessed Be!