Christmas or Yule?

In the last several weeks I have been asked as a pagan do I celebrate Yule or Christmas….my answer? Well Why not BOTH?!

Yes I am a Pagan and Yes I do celebrate the Pagan Wheel of the Year but I am also a Christopagan and I was raised in a Christian household and we celebrated Christmas and Yule and it was AWESOME.  Yule typically falls on or around Dec 21 and it is usually celebrated for 3 days and then comes Christmas Eve and Christmas Day so it is like a week long party , lol.

For me it honestly isn’t about which holiday and or why we celebrate one vs the other one, to me it is about FAMILY, FUN, TRADITIONS, and spreading the love, magickally or mundane.

My family growing up as well as my family now do things like exchange gifts,  we sometimes go door to door singing Christmas Carols,share a special meal, or if we can we TRY to volunteer, we make cookies, we play in the snow, go sledding or ice skating, play board games, decorate the Yule/ Christmas tree, watch movies, ect and it is special to me because I get to use the traditions I grew up with and see the magick in my children’s eyes as they see the wonder of the season and learn how magickal as well as important the season is.

This year my family decided that because of the state of the world we will volunteer at a shelter or church or even help out several young new parents with things their new children may need.

I hope you all find the blessings and magick of the season even in the smallest gesture and I pray it brings you a smile of joy! Merry Christmas and a Happy and Blessed Yule to each and every one of you.

Yule Altar 2015