Children Will Listen

As you all know I come from a Theatrical backround so music and musicals were the norm in my home growing up.

ALOT of my fave musicals have songs or lyrics in them that have become part of my life and soul so to speak, they speak to me on a very deep level and some of those songs have become part of my parenting skills or lessons I teach my children. Silly right? HMMM not really if you delve deep enough and really look at the message these silly songs or musicals are really teaching.

I have come to realize that these words are also not just for children but everyone. I would like to think and say that I am a very giving person, but that is also a double edged sword, I am very open and honest about my life and my craft, I see no reason to hide Anything about who I am. But I have also come under ALOT of judgement, concern and hatred. Do I care? Well in all honesty YES I do, did it break me? For a time, YES it did, Did I listen to my family , friends and peers when they told me to be careful…NO , and I got burned.  The lesson I learned and this is never an easy lesson and it is a lesson that I will probably time and time again have to learn over and over again is WHO YOUR REAL TRUE FRIENDS ARE….It NEVER gets easier. It is also a lesson the we are taught as children and it is never easy to learn it ,especially seeing your own children struggle and knowing there is nothing you can do or say to help them learn this extremely difficult and painful life lesson.

Drama and Negativity SUCK! Unfortunatly they are a part of everyday life and it isn’t as cut and dry and simple as ” just hold your head high and walk away” or on the internet ” just block and delete and move on”  this is much easier said than done simply because the words have already done their damage. They have planted their seeds of doubt, mistrust, fear….

I am blessed with an amazing online ( FB, YouTube, ect) support system as well as in my real life., I am so honored to call these people my family. The thing I love is that they will ALWAYS keep it real, when I am an idiot they tell me. When I don’t listen they have no sympathy, they are honest, I may not like it at the time but they are right.

I can ONLY hope that I am as good of a friend to anyone and everyone who needs me to hold their hand as I have been blessed to have.

I hope my silly ramblings helped someone to realize you are never alone and if you feel you are just reach out and say ” Hey I am struggling, I could use a friend”



2 thoughts on “Children Will Listen

  1. Very insightful post! I understand and appreciate your comments on how painful it can be to be judged for your practice, particularly online. It is a great act of bravery to share something that isn’t mainstream with the whole world, especially when your intention is to help. I think this is particularly true for those who do not have a physical Witchy community to be a part of, and go to the internet to find like-minded people. Even if it’s “just the internet” the connections made can be very important to individual because of the aforementioned lack of a physical community.

    I also really liked your statement on how real friends will let you know when you’re messing up – that is the mark of a true friendship. A real friend will call out your negative behavior in order to see you rise up and shine; they want your greatest good, however it may seem in the here-and-now.

    I very much enjoyed this, and look forward to more of your posts :o) Thanks for sharing and have a great day! )O(


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